Best Choice of Home Owners – ABC Home Warranty

ABC is a well-known brand in the field and is often referred for its quick and efficient services. We have a well-established network of contractors who provide the best and safe services without losing the original essence of the building architecture and covering most of the repairs.

Here we present you different warranty programs, you can select the one which best suits your requirement.

Core Home Warranty

The major systems of the house water, sewer and electric systems of the house if required to be repaired will be very costly. A reliable protection system for your home will be the best option to escape heavy bills. Core Home Warranty covers all the utilities which are not covered by homeowners insurance. Make all your systems such as heating, cooling, plumbing, and water heaters are covered. We do not charge for the repairs which come under warranty, and if we are called in error, a nominal fee will be charged. We are in contact with the contractors of major line repairs and knows how to deal with the situation. We provide personalized services for all customers. Our Core Home Warranty plan starts at USD 420 for a single-family residence. Make sure you have gas service when applying for the warranty program.

Premier Home Warranty

The plan covers protection for the major outside utility lines—water, sewer, and electric. We charge Condominium of USD 625 and depending upon the area under 5,000 sq ft or Over 5,000 sq ft the charges will be USD 725 and USD 1,265 respectively. Note the house must have all the utilities when applying for the warranty program. The protection plans cover both the buyer and the seller at no additional cost. Personalized services are the key features of the warranty program. The new homeowners will be contacted and explained about the plan and solve any questions and queries which are raised.

Home-SAFE Warranty

Repair and renovation costs are often very expensive which makes the individuals postpone the repair program again and again. But postponing is not the solution, the repairs may get worse with time making it difficult for day-to-day activities and also increases the cost of repair and renovation. Having a home-safe warranty helps you to get the services done without paying any penny. Whenever there is a need for repair call the company they come, do the work efficiently and leave. You will not be charged for the services, provided you have Home-Safe Warranty. Make sure the repair is covered under the home-safe warranty program. In case the house is not covered under Home-Safe Warranty program, we still provide the services and charge a fee of USD 80 for a day. Whether you are covered under warranty or not the services are provided, and the fees we charge for non-covered repairs is reasonable and mostly accepted by the clients without any opposition. If ABC is contacted for an unreasonable repair, then a fee of USD 80 is charged for taking a day out for the client. This plan was effective before March 12, 2018.