Maintain Your Dream House with ABC Home Warranty

Home is every individual’s dream. People put all their hard-earned money to buy the homes. After buying a home maintaining the good condition is a big task. Regular maintenance of the building not only helps in increasing the longevity of the house but also makes it look elegant all the time. Maintenance of the house is better than repairing the house all the time. ABC Home Warranty helps the house owners to maintain the house neatly and recommended methods to keep the house in the best shape. Each house is unique and requires a definite schedule for maintenance and also an experienced contractor for the job. The saying goes ‘A stitch in time saves 9’ is apt for regular house maintenance. This not only saves money but also prevents additional damage to the house. ABC offers different plans for its customers which covers different aspects of the building. Let us understand few terminologies before we go in-depth of the protection programs.

Protection: This is not insurance. It pays for the repair or replacement of the item which can be a system or service line

Protection Period: The duration for which protection is in force. Begin and end of the protection period depends on the Home Seller’s Protection, Home Buyer’s Protection, or Homeowner’s Protection.

Home Seller’s Protection: If protection is applied during the selling process of the home. Effective period is between the IGS  enrollment or the date of listing on the Multiple Listing Service (the “MLS”) whichever is later. The protection period ends after 180 days or sale or cancellation of the MLS listing. The Protection may be extended at the sole and absolute discretion of IGS.

Home Buyer’s Protection: If the house is under Home Seller’s Protection then the new house owner is eligible for “Home Buyer’s Protection.” The duration of protection will begin after full payment for protection is received by IGS within 30 days. In cases of lease options or early occupancy, IGS must receive the full payment on or before the date of occupancy and continues for one year. It can be renewed for subsequent years at the discretion of IGS.

Homeowner’s Protection: If the protection is not under a buy-sale transaction, then the house will be covered under “Homeowner’s Protection.” The “Effective Date” of Homeowner’s Protection is the 15th day after IGS receives enrollment and full payment for protection. The protection plan can be monthly or yearly.

Premier Home Warranty

  • Protection for the major outside utility lines—water, sewer, and electric. Covers both buyer and the seller
  • Pricing: depends on the area
  • Personalized services

Core Home Warranty

  • Provides protection for the major outside and inside utility line. The outsides pipes of water, sewer, and electricity and the inside work of heating, cooling, plumbing, and water heaters

Core Home Warranty plan starts at USD 420 for a single family residence.

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